Coaching Programs


Future Platform’s E4 coaching interventions enhance the performance and career satisfaction of employees and leaders in organisations.As an engaging team of highly skilled psychologists and qualified coaches, Future Platform facilitate powerful conversations that enable employees to identify any obstacles that may be preventing them from reaching their full potential, and develop a plan to overcome them.


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Psychometric Profiling & Debriefing


Future Platform offers a range of psychometric profiling tools that can be a powerful starting point for discussions. As qualified administrators and assessors, Future Platform most commonly use the NEO PI-R, the TMP Profile, the 16PF, Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT), Realise2, and the Life Styles Inventory.


These tools can be used for individual development or as part of a broader assessment and selection process.

360 Degree Development Reviews


Future Platform will work with you to develop a bespoke 360 feedback tool that can either be based on your exisitng competency framework or alternatively be built bespoke to address a specific development or assessment need.


A 360 feedback approach is a robust methodology for providing individuals at all levels in an organisation with comprehensive feedback on their performance.


Future Platform is able to conduct one off 360's or establish a program for ongoing review and assessment. 

For Individuals.

Develop in partnership with Future Platform a targeted individual development solution.

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